Mother’s Day Weekend 2021

Blessed! I Enjoyed My Weekend Immensely, Lobe Was Definitely Showered On Me… The Verzuz Battle Between SWV & Xscape Was Epic #TeamSWV I Had My Surf & Turf At My Desk While Working On Our Taxes (Deadline Swiftly Approaching *bites nails*). Sunday Was So Relaxing & Featured So Many Goodies!! Kitchen Decor, Closet Decor, Self Care, Fitness…. What A Blessing To Be Adored & Adorned By My Husband & Kids, There’s Not Enough Gratitude To Express These Feelings & Priceless Memories XoXo #TeamWoods

His Final Semester

My Husband Has Begun His Last Semester In His Master of Architecture Program…. What A Journey! He’s Taking His Last Graduate Studio & Professional Prep For Licensing & Establishing His Firm…. Clearly, I’ve Been Doing My Part To Ensure Success LoL #TeamWoods

Do You Forget Things You’ve Bought?!

I’m Cleaning Out My Inboxes Because They Are Ridiculous & Full Of Old Messages That Need To Be Purged… What A Task! I Came Across These Two Classes I Bought For CE Since My Real Estate License Renewal Is This Year, Chile, Today I Flagged Them So I Won’t Forget Them Again 😩 Now Where’s My Journal? I Only Have Like 7 Of Them For 2021 🙄🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

January Is Done!

What An Action Packed Month, Full Of Accomplished Tasks & Goals! I’ve Been Painstakingly Intentional About My Peace & Energy During This Pandemic; I Absolutely Love It Here…. When You Cut Off The Devices, Limit Your Distractions To The Outside Noise, You Can Focus On Your Focus With Laser Precision! Let’s Go February XoXo #TeamWoods #Zen

Happy Sunday

What A Busy Week! I Was Able To Get A Ton Done & Committed To Three New Opportunities I’m Uber Excited About; I Had To Revamp My Office Space To Accommodate… I Also Secured Another Professional Licensure, This One Is For Life/Health & Financial Services Which Is An Attractive Compliment To My Real Estate License. I’ll Be Studying For All Of My Upcoming Exams Over The Next Few Weeks & Months…. Things Are Really Coming Together…. I’m So Very Grateful & Humbled! XoXo #TeamWoods

Nicole D. Woods
Before Workspace
Revamping Workspace, Turned Desk For Better Backdrop & Window View #Winning #HomeOffice (Mimosas Were Required)
Temporary General Lines License
Cluttered Progress
Almost There, About 85% Complete

He Really Is My Person

I Simply Adore Him, Always Have & I Always Will…. The Bond We Have Is Impenetrable, It’s Been US For Almost 15 Solid Years & I Am Shown Consistently That No One Can Sway This Love, This Commitment! I Love My Husband Unequivocally & I Feel Loved The Same Way; Yeah We Are Each Others People, No Doubt XoXo 💋💨 #TeamWoods

Small Beauty Haul

I Needed To Replenish My B&BW Body Wash, Lotion & Body Spray Stash Especially With Three Daughters!! I’m Also Trying A New Shower Gel, Lotion & Fragrance Set From My Favorite Lip Balm Company Fresh…. Lastly, Snagged This Perfect Dior Lip Gloss Combo, Which Saved Me A Few Dollars! There’s Absolutely Nothing I Love More Than Smelling & Tasting Delicious; Strangers Stop Me On The Street To Compliment My Fragrances Frequently…. I’m Always So Happy To Share With Them My Secrets LoL XoXo 💋💨 #TeamWoods

Do You Use Sea Moss?

We’ve Been Using Sea Moss Since June & While I Haven’t Been As Consistent As I’d Like To Be, I’m Back On My Ish! I Have About 3 Pounds Of High Quality Sea Moss, Which Can Easily Last About 6-12 Months When Made Correctly. I Also Use A Jar With Turmeric For A Facial Masque, Everything Is Organic As Possible… Rinse, Soak In Alkaline Water & Limes Overnight Minimum, Rinse & Blend…. Store In Jars & Refrigerate; Take At Least One Tablespoon A Day In Your Coffee, Tea, Etc…. It’s Preferable For Me In A Smoothie Or Yogurt, Bon Appetite!