Mommy Life Isn’t For Everyone…

Some women really struggle with being present and involved; doesn’t mean they don’t love their children, they just love themselves and their desires more….. As a woman deciding to have children, you have to decide what you’re willing to sacrifice to be the best mother you can possibly be. The child hasn’t requested to be born, in most cases, women are trying everything they can to conceive children they fully intend to be absentee for… insane! The neglect usually stems from the deterioration of the relationship amongst the parents, then it’s revealed the interest was mainly in the man, not the child. Once he’s gone, so is her interest and commitment to the child. We’re not talking financial stuff but there is a difference made in what is done for the child, like transportation and involvement in their day to day activities, in some cases the child doesn’t even live under their mother’s roof because they are not the primary caregiver and so that responsibility is pressed upon a grandparent, aunt or cousin. Although you will need the assistance of friends and family, it’s not their responsibility to care for, feed and transport your child while you are absent without good reason. If you work, go to school, run a business all week and have limited time with your children, the weekends should have at least a day dedicated to them. The time as children is short but the impact of absent mothers can impact us for a lifetime, raise whole children so you won’t have to deal with the consequences of broken adults.

Author: NicWoods

Wife, Mother, All Around Gurl Friday...I Can Just About Do It All & If Not, I Know That Google Is Your Friend!

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