Money Monday

I’m Going To Be Totally Transparent Today, A Little Over 2 Years Ago My Husband & I Had To File For Bankruptcy. Due To Illness, Pregnancy & Loss Of Income, It Was The Best Decision To Get Back On Track. I Decided Then I’d Never Be So Careless With My Debt Again, We Had Almost $50k In Credit Card Debt That Had Been Established & Maintained Over A Decade. We Have Been Working Diligently To Reestablish Credit Worthiness & It’s Been An Amazing Journey Learning To Utilize Money & Credit As The Tools They Are. My Goal Is To Have A Minimum 700 FICO By October 2021 & A 850 By October 2022, I’m Just About There For 2021, To Commemorate Our Two Years And A Day Discharge. It’s Been A Life Changing Experience & I’m Grateful To Have A Husband Whose Goals Have Always Aligned With Mine, We’ve Added Each Other To Our Credit Lines & We’re Just About At Our Short Term Goals. I’ll Be Sure To Post More About This, As I Believe Knowledge Is Power & Necessary To Make Any Lifestyle Changes…. Stay Focused, Leverage Your Cash Into Credit & Assets (Appreciating); Not Cars, Clothes/Shoes/Bags, Nor Travel (Depreciating), Stellar Credit! I Assure You The Rewards Are Unmatched!

Have An Amazing Labor Day, Making Sure Everything You Touch Is Laboring & Bearing Fruit At All Times… Very Well!

Author: NicWoods

Wife, Mother, All Around Gurl Friday...I Can Just About Do It All & If Not, I Know That Google Is Your Friend!

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